Condoms – Everything You MUST KNOW About

1. You can get condoms anywhere and everywhere, at any age. Condoms are available at most drug stores, and online stores. You can also get them at the hospital for free sometimes, when you go there to get internal medical examination There is no age requirement to buy them, so you don’t have to worry … Read more

Sexual performance increase for men in 13 ways

Many men are interested in enhancing their own and their partners’ pleasure and satisfaction during sex. However, focusing on sexual performance can lead to anxiety. A set of simple lifestyle changes can help to: reduce anxiety improve erectile dysfunction enhance relationships with sexual partners increase stamina These changes can make sex more enjoyable and satisfying for everyone … Read more

Condoms – Past and present

Condoms is one of the oldest contraceptive items in human history. Up to now, in the world, about 5-7 billion condoms are used each year. Researchers believe that condoms were used by mankind 3,000 years ago. Ancient paintings show that the  Egyptians  were the first citizens of the earth to use it. The bags are made of linen that they … Read more

7 reasons married couples might use condoms

7 reasons married couples might use/want to use condoms My husband and I have been together for eight years, and we had sex without a condom for the first time last month. Yes, that’s right. Before one month ago, our genitals had never actually touched each other without a condom between them. Never. Not once. … Read more

Condoms – 12 Frequently Asked Questions

Condoms is the easiest method to prevent pregnancy, STDs and even HIV, but how effective are they? Can condoms provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV? Yes. Whether you use latex male condoms or female condoms, they are both very effective in preventing HIV and many other STDs when used the right way … Read more

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