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Masculan Organic

Masculan Organic – Experience the natural love together

At home in more than 60 countries. That is Masculan®. Genuine German quality – Attention to detail,  passion for the cause, responsibility in action – all over the world, Masculan® provides for carefree moments together …

Masculan Organic is a CO2-neutral and vegan condom. We neutralise the entire CO2 emission that is generated while the condom itself and the packaging are being produced, as well as during transport. We work together with the CO2 neutraliser “Natur Office” for this purpose. Our condoms are vegan tanks to the use of a vegetable protein as opposed to an animal protein during the production process. By the way, all our condoms are vegan

What’s more, masculan Organic is also super thin. Ultra-sensual, as only the natural way can be.

  • With lubricant film and reservoir
  • Made from natural rubber latex
  • Pleasant smelling
  • CO2-neutral and vegan
  • German premium quality
  • Width: 53+/- 1mm



Step 1: Check Masculan Organic condom before use, you need to make sure, carefully checked the expiry date of the condom. Packaging of condoms must not be wrinkled, curled corners, not torn and the printed color must be clear, sharp and not patchy.

Step 2: Open the Masculan Organic condom using your fingers to push the condom to one side, tear the bag and remove it gently, to avoid tearing the condom. Note that only use your hands to carefully tear, never use scissors or a knife to cut as this may damage the condom.

Step 3: Aim the Masculan Organic condom out and squeeze gently when taking out the condom, you notice that the nipple is protruding, this part is facing out from the penis, use your hand to gently squeeze the air in the condom.

Step 4: Place the Masculan Organic condom on the tip of the penis and then swipe down.

Place the condom on the tip of the penis, then roll and swipe down gently until it is done. Make sure the condom covers the entire penis. When finished, you swipe up from the bottom to get the condom out and put in the trash.



+ After ejaculation, you should pull out the penis when it still hard. Use your hand to hold the condom tightly, avoid the condom slip off and semens stick to vagina.

+ Absolutely do not use 2 condoms at the same time. This will damage the condom, making it ineffective.

+ Should choose the right size condom. If it is too tight, the condom will easily tear. Conversely, being too wide will cause it to slip off during sex. See more article “Types of condom sizes” to know how to choose the right condom.

+ You need to choose condoms of reputable brands, to ensure durability. Avoid tearing the condom during sex.

+ Condoms should be used at the beginning of sex. Absolutely do not wait until near ejaculation to start wearing a condom.

Origin: Germany

Expiry date: 3 years (the expiry date is found at the bottom of the package)

Enjoy the exciting things that masculan® condoms bring to your life!

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