About masculan

Masculan®condom first appearance in 1989 at Hamburg city, a famous place for “life at night”. Since then, the masculan® brand has become a product associated with the liberal and rich sex life of Germany.

Each masculan® condom has been tested six times for safety and noticeable wearing comfort. We have a passion for creating great products, from the development process, to manufacturing, to distribution and delivery into your hands. The rest is then up to you.

With masculan® condom, “SEX IS STRONG”. With much heart and soul, masculan® has reached more and more people: women and men who make love both freely and responsibly. With a broad range of premium quality condoms and a product range to suit them.

In addition to the simple freedom that masculan® condoms bring to love, protection from AIDS and STIs is our greatest concern.

Masculan® actively supports organisations and movements who inform young people about safer sex, e.g. the Michael Stich Foundation, the “Jugend gegen AIDS” association and Christopher Street Day in Hamburg.

We also directly help those people who are affected by AIDS. For example, through the German organisation “Aids Hilfe Hamburg”, the “Initiativa Pozitiva” in Moldavia, the “CASA Blanca” project of the Hamburg health department, among others.

Incidentally, masculan® condoms are made from 100% natural rubber. They contain no animal ingredients, which means they are vegan!

Enjoy the exciting things that masculan® condoms bring to your life!

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